spooky cookie alphabit

spooky cookie alphabit
  • $8.50

this is currently my favorite though while working with it i find myself craving a batch o' cookies.  you'll be delighted when you open your download of 56 delicious freshly backed cookie files. there are 15 symbols/punctuation cookies, the numbers 0 thru 9 cookies and 31 letter cookies - all hand decorated to perfection!

     these cookies letters are really big (each capital letter is about 3.6 inches high)so you can reduce or enlarge to use digitally or print and use for your crafty projects. all 56 png files included were created at 300dpi and the zipped file will arrive at approximately 40MB. 

currently i will need to deliver your doo dads via email shortly after you make your purchase so don't fret if they don't pop up within the shop right away.

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