gingham alpha with bits

gingham alpha with bits
  • $7.00

you're gonna have a really good time spellin' words out with these doo dads! there's two different colors of alphas - both with upper & lower case letters as well as numbers & all the symbols/punctuation i thought you'd need.

 i made the alpha outa' gingham fabric that i folded into little strips then stitched 'em down the middle. then i've popped in 24 of the sweetest lil' halloween bits for you to place wherever you want. you'll have endless possibilities for spellin' out all your chosen words.

    i made everything a bit bigger than usual - each capital letter is about 3 inches high -  in case you want to print the doo dads out for your crafty projects. 

    there's approximately 172 png files included all at 300dpi for a total of just under 100MB. currently i will need to deliver your doo dads via email shortly after you make your purchase so don't fret if they don't show up within the shop right away.

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