christmas stocking

christmas stocking
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my cousin jo and i spent years scared to death to get near anything made of chenille. this fear o' the fuzzy stuff developed after a long nap in aunt laura's guest bedroom. seems instead o' nappin' we told each other big made up stories while we carelessly picked all the lil fuzzy threads right outta her good saved for special guests bedspread. by the time we pretended to wake up and leave the room, that bedspread was about as bald as bald can be. no one had ever seen aunt laura so mad that afterwards if either of us came any where near chenille we felt faint. aunt laura must'a forgiven us somewhere along the line cause she passed on to us all her chenille when she went to meet her maker.

this vintage wedding ring patterned chenille from aunt laura is a pretty pale pink, stitched into a stocking and then topped off with a cuff of the same fluffy chenille with it's original fringe circled all 'round with a wide dash o' white grosgrain. to finish it off i made a grosgrain rose with an antique button as it's center. it's fully lined and is approximately 21 inches from the middle of the top to the tip of the toe. a stocking to treasure for a lifetime or two.

unless you tell me otherwise i will attach the flower on the side sure to tell me if you would prefer it on the other side. otherwise, all my stockings are made so you can hang them with the toe facing to the left or right as both sides are basically the same.

this stocking is one of a kind and is the exact stocking you will receive. it will arrive in a hand sewn bag to safely store it away with all your other christmas doo dads. soft enough to hold close while searching for treasures, this stocking is made strong enough for santa to stuff to the top. there are at least 3 layers of sturdy cotton and of course there is a sturdy loop for hanging.

last but not least - all my creations are made only after the materials they are made from - even the oldest - have been freshly laundered. please contact me via the contact button if you would like me to personalize it for you for an additional ten dollars.

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